Read Across America celebrated at YHS

For the past six years, the faculty and staff at Youngsville High School have contributed more than $2,500 to purchase Dr. Seuss books (on Read Across America Day) for every Head Start student who attends class in the YHS building. This partnership has motivated children and teens to read and to realize the importance of reading.

In order to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and to promote reading for children and teenagers, an assembly was planned to distribute the books. Dr. Darrell Jaskolka, principal at Youngsville High school, made the event memorable as he called each Head Start child’s name and presented each preschool student with a Dr. Seuss book. The audience, composed of YHS high school students, teachers, and staff, clapped as each name was called, and the book was presented. Katelyn Maille, a senior at YHS described the scene, “Students walked in various ways to get their books. . . some walked quickly, some quite professionally, some galloped, but they were all eager to have their new Dr. Seuss book.” Those in the audience watched as happy Head Start students hugged their books, smiled, and started looking through their brand new books.

Each “Horton Hears a Who” was personalized with the student’s name. An inscription in the front of the book gave universal advice: “Enjoy reading forever!” Each book was signed from the Youngsville High School Faculty and Staff.

Another senior at YHS commented to her friends, “I could see how excited the little ones were; I was smiling the entire time. Their faces just beamed,” said Katelyn Hall, another senior at YHS.

Equally nice, the Head Start children were able to take their books home to begin a book collection.

It felt like Dr. Seuss was present in the YHS auditorium. The message sent by the students, faculty and staff was cheerfully clear: Reading is fun and important! Hats off to Youngsville High School and its faculty and staff for promoting this year’s Read Across America Day!