Our opinion:?A (quiet) cheer, please

Their competitions don’t draw crowds.

There are no screams from hundreds or thousands for that 3-pointer at the buzzer or that fourth-quarter 90-yard run.

No, mostly there is silence in the arena, a venue that is more likely to be paneled with ancient walnut than with a lined playing surface surrounded by images of team mascots and banners.

There is a more visceral excitement at play here, a test of wits and logic, of expertise in the matters that actually do affect our daily lives.

The teams are co-ed; the uniforms, business attire; the competition, bruising.

A dozen or more high school students pool their brain power and deliver it with sufficient eloquence to win points with a presiding judge and jury of jurists.

This is the stuff of mock trial, and Warren Area High School’s team of would-be attorneys has proven it is more than a match for 17 other teams in their district.

After winning that district title, the team went on to take on the best in the region and came within a hair’s breadth of winning that competition as well.

These students deserve just as much praise as that District Champion soccer team or baseball team.

If their experience in this competition drives even a couple of them to pursue a career in that most necessary component of society – the law – then it will have been time and effort well-spent.