‘Hot Shot Blitz’ prods Beaty students to help hearts

The first Hoops for Heart competition at Beaty Warren Middle School was a great success, raising more than $3,600 for the American Heart Association.

“The kids have been busy raising money through sponsors and donations for the ‘hot shot blitz’ competition,” said Kristine Conn. “Anyone who raised $100 or more could play against the faculty in the basketball game.”

The ‘hot shot blitz’ competition was a one-minute long, head-to-head shootout at opposite ends of the basketball court, with the top scorers moving on in each round. Winning the finals of the ‘hot shot blitz’ competition was Jake Funari as he blazed his way through the final three head-to-head competitions.

Setting the bar high for future competitions, the sixth grade raised the most money with an impressive $2,052 in donations. Coming in second was the seventh grade with $948.98 and finishing third was the eighth grade with $641, to bring the grand total to $3,641.98.

Christy Mastrian from the American Heart Association was present to accept the check on Thursday during the competition.

The event finished with the first match-up between the students and the faculty.

Participants on the faculty side, coached by Mr. Nowacki, were: Mrs. Salvatore, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Madigan, Mrs. Conn, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Elms, Mrs. White, Mr. Onuffer, Mr. Wright, Mr. Penley, and Mrs. Mead.

Participants on the students’ side, coached by Mr. Gignac and raising $100 or more, were:

Griffin Suppa – $650

Tyler Gillotti – $200

Noah Becker – $185

Caitlin Strassburg – $182

Connor Rosborough – $140

Mabrukhe Tagba – $130

Abby Arnold – $125

Ashley Haley and Derick Nowacki – $120

Abby Waterman – $105

CC Cutro, Laura Lucks, Nathan Edie, Kadee Merenick, Colin Blair, Lily Morse, Oakleigh Gilbert, and Hope Colvin – $100

While there was no clear winner in the game, a final basket that was worth five points might have given the students a hard-earned victory over the teachers.