Sharing Words, Worlds

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”

In honor of the March 2 birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss, schools nationwide invited guests to read to students.

Among the Seussville Read Across America guest readers in Warren County were politicians, firefighters, parents, conservationists, and authors.

Shelly Wright, Jason Schott, and the three Warren County Commissioners, Stephen Vanco, John Bortz, and John Eggleston, took turns reading to students at South Street Early Learning Center.

First-grade teacher Joanne Curtis said the guests were invited to bring their favorite children’s books, whether they were written by Seuss or not, for the event.

“We’re doing a lot of activities,” Curtis said. “We have a ton of guest readers coming in.”

Students ate Cat in the Hat cupcakes and made Green Eggs and Ham snacks.

Author LouAnne Johnson read to several classes at Sugar Grove Elementary School.

At Allegheny Valley Elementary School, Jean Gomory, watershed specialist with the Warren County Conservation District, read a Seuss classic – the Lorax.

Some of the stories from that book were incorporated into a lesson in Tauni Lindsey’s first-grade class about the importance of clean water and the value of trees.

“Prior to reading, they discussed why clean water was important and some students expressed that animals need clean water to drink and people need it in order to shower,” Lindsey said. “They also discussed what we get from trees. Students answered such things as fresh air and various kinds of fruit and wood products.”

“After reading, they discussed why it is bad to cut down all of the trees as was the case in the story,” she said. “One student expressed that if all of the trees are cut down then none of the air is healthy. Students were exposed to many ideas about how to help the environment using the story.”