More On The Way

They are easy to miss since there are so many going up around the country, but you’ll notice them once they’re up and running.

Verizon Wireless is in the process of building four new cell towers in Warren County.

The entire process involved in building a site, from determining a need in the area and working with local governments regarding zoning issues to completion and actually turning on the towers, “can be up to two years” Verizon Wireless spokesman Laura Merritt said.

There is plenty of work to be done before construction can start on either of the 259 feet tall towers. The right permits have to be in place and regulatory requirements for the height of the towers from the Federal Aviation Administration have to be meet.

“We’re making sure we’re dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s before construction begins,” she said.

The four sites for the towers are 600 Hickory Lane in Pittsfield; Eureka and Eldred Center Roads, Titusville; Chappel Hill Road, Eldred Township; and 635 Mount Hope Road, Titusville.

All four of the sites will provide the 4GLTE technology when construction is complete, which Merritt said is 10 times faster than the current 3G speed.

But don’t expect increased cell phone service anytime soon.

Construction at the site at Eurek and Eldred Center Roads will likely start within the next several months and be complete by the end of the year.

So how did Verizon decide it was time to plug some gaps in its local coverage?

There’s actually a team of engineers who drive thousands of miles in an allotted territory including major freeways and backroads and everything in between to constantly check the network, Merritt said.

“We rely on our customers, we also rely on technology and our engineers who are there testing the networks to look for gaps,” she said.