Dear editor:

I owe much thanks to the Warren County Fair Board. As the Warren County Fair Queen, they allowed me to travel to Hershey to compete for the Pennsylvania State Fair Queen title. Although I did not win the crown, the experience that I was able to share with the 54 other contestants from across the state will never be forgotten.

The process of competing for the state fair queen title was truly beneficial to me; I had to write an essay, give a speech, speak publicly, and be interviewed, all of which while being judged. I know I will have to exhibit each of these skills in college in order to be successful and to land a career.

Therefore, I feel so fortunate that I was able to be a part of this valuable program. Overall, it has made me more confident, instilled leadership qualities in me, and it has provided me with much insight that I will continually reflect back upon. I am so thankful to the fair board for creating this great opportunity for the young women of our community, like myself, while representing our schools, families, and the Warren County Fair.

Kellie Lindstrom, Pittsfield