Sequestration’s Trickle Down In Warren County

Dear editor:

Our children and families can’t afford any more painful cuts. If Congress doesn’t act by Friday, my community will face crippling cuts to our schools and our hospitals, and even more good jobs will be on the chopping block.

So many of us are barely getting by as it is. These cuts could send our economy right back into recession. The worse part is that Congress made up this entire crisis, but too many lawmakers refuse to fix the problem they created.

Some 1.2 million students will feel the sting of sequestration, and these cuts would endanger the jobs of 10,000 teachers.

Congress’ failure to responsibly avoid the automatic cuts required by sequestration would rob $725 million from federal Title I programs for disadvantaged children.

The sequester would cut more than $400 million from Head Start, forcing roughly 70,000 young children out of this crucial program.

But these cuts won’t just hurt our kids; working families will suffer, too.

In the face of our workforce’s struggle to recover from the recession, sequestration would reduce funding for key programs that help connect workers looking for local employment opportunities.

Under the sequester, employment services would be cut by more than $37 million, affecting over 830,000 workers.

Our communities could face layoffs of firefighters and emergency workers, making everyone less safe.

The sequester would slash a number of federal programs that help women access critical healthcare programs and child care assistance.

Gladys Reid-Nelson