Our opinion: Just get on with it

OK, enough.

Enough squabbling over a traffic light at the one intersection in the city that has the most vehicular traffic coupled with the most pedestrian traffic.

No, that statement is not the outcome of a formal count conducted by a formal investigator, but rather the result of empirical evidence.

The City of Warren has a lot of traffic signals and a lot of “No Turn On Red” signs, perhaps too many of each. We can mention the signal at the intersection of Liberty Street and Fourth Avenue as an example. And yet, as it maintains all of those other barely necessary signals, it is in a conundrum over an intersection that begs for one.

The fly in the ointment that prevents some forward progress on the matter is the cost associated with replacing something that was taken down two years ago. Apparently when someone was designing the intersection as part of the Streetscape I project, either through error or misunderstanding, the supporting structures necessary for the replacement signal were figured incorrectly.

So be it.

It wouldn’t be the first part of the downtown revitalization effort known as Impact Warren that suffered a derailment. In each case the city has soldiered on with setbacks ranging from a leaky, rusting garage to a hotel/conference center project where the developer walked away.

We suggest that City Council and the administration simply acknowledge the bump in the road, plan for the new signal, and move forward with installing it as soon as possible.