County seeks new attorney for tax case

Barry Klenowski is in the process of leaving service to Warren County.

Klenowski had been an assistant district attorney since 2008. His last day was Friday, Feb. 22.

He remains under contract as solicitor of both the county and the assessment board of appeals through March 11.

On Wednesday, the Warren County Commissioners discussed finding a new solicitor for the assessment appeals board.

In 2011, the board found several local, non-profit entities were no longer exempt from real estate taxes. Hearings and appeals of those cases have been taking place since.

Petitions appealing the board’s actions were filed on behalf of five formerly tax-exempt entities in January. The petitions include: the Rouse Estate (Jan. 14), Warren County YMCA (Jan. 29), Crary Home (Jan. 30), Calvary Chapel (Jan. 30), and Warren General Hospital (Jan. 30).

Klenowski had been involved in those cases as the board’s legal counsel from the beginning.