Commissioners open bids for sidewalk project in Sugar Grove

The Warren County Commissioners opened six bids for sidewalk construction on Jamestown Street in Sugar Grove Borough during their work session Monday morning.

Innovative Construction & Mechanical, LLC of Clarendon was the low bid for $24,300.

The Warren County Community Development Block Grant Program is funding the program with an allocation from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Other bids for the project were received by Concrete Service Corporation of Fairview, Pa., for $38,845.71; Heeter Enterprises Inc., of Knox, Pa., for $35,813.47; Rural Valley Construction Inc., of Rural Valley, Pa., for $34,231.25; H. Wayne Erdice Construction, Inc. of Jamestown, Pa., for $32,933; John Anderson Construction of Warren for $27,456.

Commissioner John Bortz also discussed a resolution that would come before the commissioners from the Workforce Investment Board. Bortz said the resolution would appoint a commissioner representative to the organization and is also being drafted for six other counties.

“The missing step in all this is the resolution,” Bortz said. “It looks largely like boilerplate type of activity, but it is the type of thing that we need to have done.”