City planners hear ordinance update, OK subdivision

The City of Warren Planning Commission approved a minor subdivision and received an update on the status of a draft parking regulations zoning ordinance during a recent brief meeting.

The committee unanimously approved splitting a vacant lot located at 7 Second Avenue and attaching it to neighboring properties at 5 and 9 Second Avenue.

A range of city officials were on hand to answer possible questions while City Planner David Hildebrand and building codes official Alan Gustafson gave a report on the progress of drafting a parking regulations zoning ordinance for approval and eventual movement to city council.

According to Hildebrand, city employees are still working on the draft and looking at items including:

Regulations defining adequate ingress and egress requirements for parking

Location of parking in relation to right-of-ways consistent with what is already in place in different sections of the city

Limitations on the number of recreational vehicles stored on a lot based on size of lot and type of vehicle

Possibly requiring lighting at parking lots over a certain size.

Once the draft is completed, it will be brought to the planning committee for possible amendment, approval and movement to city council for consideration. City council will then schedule a public hearing on the proposed ordinance. The proposal will then be returned to the planning commission for consideration of input from the public hearing before being moved to city council for final action.

Hildebrand said the committee is, “probably looking at like a three-month process,” before the ordinance can be approved.