Ex-LAPD officer

Dear editor:

Almost everybody has heard about the recent events involving ex-LAPD officer and ex-Navy Reservist Christopher Dorner. He was discharged from the LAPD in 2008 for being found guilty of falsifying a report about a fellow police officer using excessive force on a handcuffed suspect. Earlier this month, he released a manifesto online that stated excessive force was used and what he would be doing in response to his termination.

LAPD re-opened the proceedings that resulted in Dorner’s termination, and two days later, filed charges against him for murder. LAPD then offered a $1 million reward for any information leading to his capture, which is the most they’ve ever offered. To me, this seems like an awful lot of money for information to one person. It sounds more like they were trying anything they could to find him and silence him to cover up any actions they’ve done that he would have, or already had, exposed.

There are many things that occurred in the manhunt for Dorner that do not add up, such as his wallet being found three separate times. Once in San Ysidro, an entry point near the US-Mexico border. Another time on a shuttle bus in San Diego, and the last time in the burned out cabin he was killed in. How does one person’s wallet get found three times in three places, and how does it survive a fire that destroyed a cabin and took his life? Sounds like LAPD needs to get their act together.


Taylor Rockwell