Curtis presents at SSELC

Warren County Dairy Maid Leah Nicole Curtis is pictured reading a book, “How Did You Get In My Lunch Box?” by Chris Butterworth to Mrs. Joanne Curtis’ first grade at South Street Early Learning Center. After Leah read the book to the children, she discussed the importance of good nutrition in our diets. Since Leah lives on a dairy farm and is a Dairy Maid, she discussed the benefits of dairy, the key elements that make up good nutrition and the importance of having three servings of dairy per day. She handed out promotional items to the children to help them remember to have their three servings of dairy each day. After Leah read the book to the children, she presented the book to Miss Buerkle to place in the school’s library. Curtis also presented a “Moose Youth Awareness” kid’s talk to Mrs. Curtis’ first grade. Leah, a sophomore at Corry Area High School, decided to do her kid’s talk this year on “Good Manners.” She read two books entitled, “Clifford’s Manners” by Norman Bridwell and “My Dog Won’t Say Please” by Suzanne Williams. After her presentation, Leah handed out good manner stickers and good manner pencils to the students. She also presented her talk to five other first grades at the school and had a poster activity to go along with her presentation. Leah has reached out to 148 students so far by presenting her kid’s talk. Last year, she was selected second place in Northwest Pennsylvania for her kid’s talk on bullying through the Moose Youth Awareness program. She was a recipient of a scholarship and was selected to be on the Moose Youth Congress and to present her talk in New York City. Leah enjoys presenting her kid’s talks to children in the hopes of reaching out to them.