Trek through Allegheny to benefit veterans

From a simple hiking outing to a fund-raising effort for local veterans.

A local group, led by Christopher Chambers, has planned a 50-hour, 111-mile hike through the Allegheny National Forest from Clarion County to McKean County for 8 a.m. May 31 through 10 a.m. June 2.

The planned route will follow the North Country National Scenic Trail from the Leeper area in Clarion County through Forest and Warren counties to Route 346 in McKean County

“All proceeds go to the Warren County Veterans Council,” Chambers said. “Our goal is to give back to the vets, just like they gave for us.”

“I think it’s outstanding,” Veterans Council Director Ed Burris said. “It’s nice when you see people who are non-veterans who are willing to support the veterans for what they have done.”

The group is looking for sponsors and people interested in joining them on the hike. WalMart and Whirley DrinkWorks have signed on as sponsors, according to Chambers. Those interested may contact Chambers at 706-8522 or A Facebook page has been set up with the name WCHforA.

He hopes the Hike for Awareness will turn into an annual event with a different beneficiary each year.