Y’ville voters will decide

It now goes before Youngsville voters.

Youngsville Borough Council has enacted an ordinance to start the process of amending the borough’s Home Rule Charter.

The Warren County Board of Elections is now responsible for crafting a question regarding the borough manager’s residency requirement that will be on ballot for the May 21 primary election.

Ordinance 584, passed last Monday, says, “The Manager need not be a resident of the Borough at the time of the appointment, but during the tenure of office, he or she may reside outside the Borough only with the approval of a majority of the members of the Council, However, he or she must reside in Warren County.”

Lisa Hagberg was appointed as acting borough manager last March after former manager Terry Williams was dismissed by council over what was described as budgetary concerns.

Hagberg said at the time that she lives in Sugar Grove, approximately 10 miles from the municipal limits by her estimate.

According to the Borough of Youngsville Home Rule Charter filed under the Pennsylvania Code, “Council shall appoint and remove the Borough Manager…The manager shall reside within the Borough of Youngsville, or, with Council’s approval, within a five-mile radius of the Borough’s municipal limits.”

The situtation was attributed to human error at the time, and Hagberg noted council members were likely unaware of the charter’s residence stipulation.

Now voters in Youngsville will vote on amending the borough’s charter to allow the manager to reside outside the borough, but within Warren County, with Council’s permission.

The phrasing of the question is now in the hands of the Warren County Board of Elections, whose members are the Warren CountyCommissioners.

“The borough doesn’t have any input on that,” Timothy Bevevino, Youngsville Borough solicitor, said.

The last time a referendum was placed on a ballot in Warren County was November 2011. Since the county commissioners were up for re-election then, they were not eligible to serve as the Board of Election or craft the question for the ballot concerning the transportation of liquid chemcials through the City of Warren.

That question was drafted by Board of Elections members Dan Glotz, Jon Gerarde and John Herzog.

Once the question has been drafted, both Republican and Democratic voters in the spring primary will see the question on the full ballot. Non-partisan voters in Youngsville will only see the question on the ballot; absentee ballots for non-partisan voters will only see the question as well.