SWIMMING: Swim teams end regular season; up next, districts

It ended up as losses to Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria, but Warren’s swim teams ended their regular seasons on Thursday with an emotional night at the Warren County YMCA.

“Tonight there was a lot of stuff that went on – it was the seniors’ last home meet, so a lot of emotion,” said Warren coach Jeff Walters. “It was about the seniors. They had some pretty gutsy swims tonight. It was fun to watch.”

Coach Walters’ son, Brad Walters, and Wyatt Pierson, Liam Boger, Ed Ord and Cody McGraw are the male seniors, and Ellis Beardsley and Cayla Leichtenberger the female seniors.

“The boys finished 10-6 (in dual meets) and the girls 8-8, so, in that aspect, I think they did pretty well,” said Walters. “We’re in good shape going into districts.”

Warren will have a No. 1 seed in Elin Smith in the 100 backstroke, and Beardsley and Logan Gearhart a two-seed events.

On Thursday, Prep’s boys won, 124-51, and Villa’s girls, 133-52.

Walters switched things up a bit, and Smith finished first in the 200-meter freestyle, as well as her 100 back, and Beardsley a strong second in the 200 individual medley.

Warren still had some swimmers trying to reach district-qualifying marks and came up just short in the 50 free.

On the other hand, a few underclassmen “really showed their grit tonight,” said Walters.

Freshman Lacey Grinnen improved in the 100 fly and 200 I.M., as well as Claudia Olson in the I.M., Christian Olson dropped 16 second soff his best 400 free time, and Eric Cecco 19 seconds.

“Today was their districts,” said Walters of Olson and Cecco. Clark Eason and Bethany See also continue to improve.

“The kids that came up short, it wasn’t for a lack of trying,” said Walters.

Villa Maria 133, Warren girls 52

200 Medley Relay: 1. Villa Maria 2:20.21, 2. Villa Maria, 3. Warren (Elin Smith, Bethany See, Mandy Fehlman, Ellis Beardsley), 5. Warren (Natalie Peterson, Megan Waterfield, Alexis Vavala, Christine Kuzminski)

200 Free: 1. Elin Smith (W) 2:27.10, 2. Redlawsk (V), 3. Easly (V), 5. Lexie Gee (W), 6. Lilya Renner (W)

200 IM: 1. Rodriguez (V) 2:45.35, 2. Ellis Beardsley (W), 3. Latzo (V), 5. Lacey Grinnen (W)

50 Free: 1. Tullio (V) 29.85, 2. Reichel (V), 3. Trucilla (V), 4. Christine Kuzminski (W), 5. Allie Sedon (W), 6. Mandy Fehlman (W)

Diving: 1. Taylor (V) 201.10, 2. Christine Kuzminski (W), 3. Lindsay Onuffer (W), 4. Natalie Peterson (W)

100 Fly: 1. Quinn (V) 1:14.41, 2. Oldach (V), 3. Schley (V), 4. Lacey Grinnen (W), 5. Claudia Olson (W)

100 Free: 1. Kaveney (V) 1:08.60, 2. Fessler (V), 3. Reichel (V), 4. Megan Waterfield (W), 5. Alexis Vavala (W), 6. Allie Sedon (W)

400 Free: 1. Simon (V) 5:01.77, 2. Ellis Beardsley (W), 3. Rodriguez (V), 5. Lexie Gee (W), 6. Emily Lookenhouse (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. Villa Maria 2:01.47, 2. Villa Maria, 3. Villa Maria, 4. Warren (Christine Kuzminski, Lexie Gee, Lacey Grinnen, Lilya Renner), 5. Warren (Allie Sedon, Emily Lookenhouse, Claudia Olson, Alexis Vavala), 6. Warren (Mandy Fehlman, Natalie Peterson, Bethany See, Megan Waterfield)

100 Back: 1. Elin Smith (W) 1:09.82, 2. Fehr (V), 3. Schley (V), 5. Claudia Olson (W), 6. Lilya Renner (W)

100 Breast: 1. Redlawsk (V) 1:28.43, 2. Taylor (V), 3. Bethany See (W), 5. Emily Lookenhouse (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. Villa Maria 4:37.99, 2. Villa Maria, 3. Warren (Elin Smith, Allie Sedon, Mandy Fehlman, Ellis Beardsley), 5. Warren (Claudia Olson, Emily Lookenhouse, Lexie Gee, Lilya Renner), 6. Warren (Lacey Grinnen, Natalie Peterson, Megan Waterfield, Alexis Vavala)

Cathedral Prep 124, Warren boys 51

200 Medley Relay: 1. Cathedral Prep 2:09.10, 2. Warren (Sean McGuinness, John Kylander, Bob McAvoy, Logan Gearhart), 3. Warren (Sammy Sherrard, Wyatt Pierson, Max Pierson, Liam Boger), 4. Warren (Ian Laih, Cody McGraw, Bennett Steber, Keith Ruzich)

200 Free: 1. Garich (C) 2:10.45, 2. Van Hove (C), 3. Rahner (C), 4. Christian Olson (W), 5. Cody McGraw (W), 6. Liam Boger (W)

200 IM: 1. Squeglia (C) 2:33.56, 2. Sean McGuinness (W), 3. Hancock (C), 5. Wyatt Pierson (W), 6. Max Pierson (W)

50 Free: 1. Squeglia (C) 26.17, 2. Cameron Daniels (W), 3. Bretz (C), 5. Clark Eason (W), 6. Bob McAvoy (W)

Diving: 1. Drew Huey (W) 152.95

100 Fly: 1. Buscek (C) 1:07.45, 2. Minnaugh (C), 3. Marin (C), 4. Bob McAvoy (W)

100 Free: 1. Miller (C) 55.61, 2. Cameron Daniels (W), 3. Steele (C), 5. Wyatt Pierson (W), 6. Liam Boger (W)

400 Free: 1. Anthony (C) 5:15.12, 2. Christian Olson (W), 3. Oliver (C), 4. Eric Cecco (W), 5. Darren Liu (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. Cathedral Prep 1:50.09, 2. Cathedral Prep, 3. Warren (Bob McAvoy, Keith Ruzich, Bennett Steber, Logan Gearhart), 4. Warren (Clark Eason, Eric Cecco, Ian Laih, Christian Olson), 5. Warren (Darren Liu, Cody McGraw, Luke Wortman, Liam Boger)

100 Back: 1. Riley (C) 1:07.02, 2. Sean McGuinness (W), 3. Bretz (C), 5. Sammy Sherrard (W)

100 Breast: 1. Merski (C) 1:13.75, 2. Minnaugh (C), 3. Kerner (C), 4. John Kylander (W), 5. Max Pierson (W), 6. Cody McGraw (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. Cathedral Prep 4:02.97, 2. Cathedral Prep, 3. Warren (Clark Eason, Christian Olson, Max Pierson, Wyatt Pierson), 4. Warren (Luke Wortman, Darren Liu, Eric Cecco, John Kylander), 5. Warren (Sammy Sherrard, Ian Laih, Keith Ruzich, Drew Huey)