Dear editor:

A few thoughts of mine. Democracy in the U. S. A. Home of the Free? Are not politicians supposed to do the will of the people? Now we have politicians who think they know what is best for me. So did Hitler and Stalin! A few examples:

No smoking – In public places I tolerated. Now no smoking in my own home if I have children or guests. No drinking after 2 a.m. I used to have a job where I worked until one a.m. That left me with one hour for a beer after work. Can’t buy beer after 2 a.m. Why? Can’t buy beer until 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, again why?

Separation of church and state? Ha ha bah 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms! If 20 children and 6 teachers died in Newtown why could not one armed teacher have stopped that lunatic. He killed his own mother to get that weapon! What or who could have prevented that? No one. But one lawful gun owner could have!

No soda in New York larger than the govenor says? Now he wants to say what you can eat and how much. Who or what gives him the right to tell me what to do? So pray to this God he is my God. The only God? Maybe or maybe not but 200+ years ago our forefathers fought a bloody war because of this. Do I smell another one on the way. I say this is AMERICA home of the free! Land of the brave!


Roger Johnson

Live Long and Prosper