Dear editor:

“YIKES” What kind of a topsy turvy upside down world are we living in today? A world where TRUTH,HONESTY and MORALITY no longer have any meaning or relevancy.

What went wrong? We bent and twisted the original rules to living just enough to suit our own personal needs. Strange thing is the original rules didn’t need bending. The first and only basic rules to living caused no pain or suffering, no heartache, no guilt, no hate, no immorality. Only peace and love for one another, if we adherred to them. The big plus is they are not difficult to ensue.

What is in our makeup as humans to foulup everythiing we touch? What is in our need to be bad and disobey? I really can’t come uo with a logical answer. We have a propensity to be bad and disobey our Maker.

It’s Eve and that damned ol’ snake. I don’t like snakes, but I do like girls. It wasn’t her fault entirely. He can be awfully persuading and extremely deceiving to anyone.

What’s the answer? How can we return to what God desires us to be, instead of making him ashamed of us.

BELIEVE, TRUST, FAITH and thinking of our Savior Jesus Christ in enerything we do.

What do you want me to do for you Lord? Guide my feet to where you want me to be to fit into your Father’s giant puzzle called life.

I am open and of free will awaiting orders from Headquarters.

Bill McElhatten