WRESTLING: 7 to AA districts: 5 Knights, 2 Eagles place in top 4 at Section 1-AA Tournament

UNION CITY – Seven county wrestlers have qualified for next weekend’s District 10 Class AA Wrestling Championships in Sharon, as five Eisenhower Knights and two Youngsville Eagles finished fourth or better at the District 10 Section 1-AA Championships Friday and Saturday at Union City High School.

Although no one was able to claim a championship, three wrestlers – Eisenhower’s Louie Head and Youngsville’s Stone Sivak and Jaykup Durlin – finished second.

The Knights put four more grapplers in the consolation finals (3rd/4th), in which they were unable to pick up a victory. Tyler Gourley, Robbie Wilston, Jake Johnson, and Dylan Raines settled for fourth-place finishes, but extended their seasons nonetheless.

“We wanted to try to get more guys through, but we ended up with the five,” said Eisenhower coach Kiel Woodburn. “I’m proud of our guys, not just the five that advanced but the 10 who stuck it out all season. Now we need to have a good week of practice because there’s still things to work on. They can’t be content with districts.”

The Eagles had also hoped to push a few more of their wrestlers through to the district championships.

“I thought the young guys wrestled pretty well,” said Youngsville coach Scott Ishman. “We wanted more than two, but the guys who moved on deserved it. We need to keep working, because we’re going to see these guys again.”

Head came the closest to a section championship in the 145-pound weight class, losing a 4-2 decision to Fort LeBoeuf’s Brad Malinowski. He had received a first-round bye and pinned Jacob Kruize of Iroquois en route to the tournament finals.

Both Sivak and Durlin rolled through the bracket before running into two of the area’s best in their respective weight classes. Sivak was pinned in the first period by top-seeded Dylan Reynolds of Saegertown at 182, and Durlin suffered the same fate against Fort LeBoeuf’s Evan Daley in the 220-pound class.

After picking up his 99th career win against Garrett Reinwald of Fort LeBoeuf, Johnson was sent into the consolation bracket of the 195-pound weight class by Corry’s Ryan Morris before squaring off against Reinwald again. This time, it was Reinwald who handed the Eisenhower senior a loss via a 5-2 decision.

Wilston took a tough path to his fourth-place finish after losing his opening match to Saegertown’s Lance Neuscheler. Wilston then made a run in the 152-pound consolation bracket, winning two matches before falling to Neuscheler once again.

Dylan Raines opened with win over a familiar face in the heavyweight bracket, using an overtime rideout to defeat Youngsville’s Austin Slocum. Raines then lost to top-seeded Jeff Burger of Union City before beating Paul Watkins of Harbor Creek, and losing to Saegertown’s John Maken in the consolation final.

Gourley won his opener before losing a major decision to Seneca’s Adam Fish in the 132 pound bracket. Gourley then won a narrow decision over Russell Adams of Union City to advance to the finals in the consolation bracket, where he was defeated by Harbor Creek’s Mack Heitzenrater.

Former Youngsville wrestler Hunter Proctor, who transfered to Corry for his senior year, also advanced to next weekend’s District 10 Championships with a fourth-place finish in the 138 pound weight class.

Here are Saturday’s results with the top four in each weight class advancing to the District 10 Class AA Tournament Friday and Saturday at Sharon High School:

Final team standings: 1. Saegertown (Sae) 201, 2. Fort LeBoeuf (FL) 1891/2, 3. Union City (UC) 1151/2, 4. Seneca (Sen) 1001/2, 5. Corry (Cy) 76, 6. North East (NE) 67, 7. Eisenhower (E) 611/2, 8. Youngsville (Y) 42, 9. Harbor Creek (HC) 37, 10. Iroquois (I) 13.

Championship bracket


106 pounds: Devin Brown (Sae) p Isaac Bengel (FL) 1:09; Dustin Weilacher (UC) md Justin Kita (HC) 12-2.

113: Brad Nowakowski (Sen) d Logan Gray (NE) 7-6; Jarret Carter (FL) d Bingbong Elizon (Sae) 6-0.

120: Tyler Vath (Sae) p Jonathan Hammond (Cy) 1:45; Tyler Kuzma (FL) d Cyle Yaple (Sen) 6-2.

126: Adam Ballew (NE) p Jeb Fedorchuk (E) 5:30; Nick Monico (Sae) d Dustin Tomcho (UC) 4-0.

132: Adam Fish (Sen) md Tyler Gourley (E) 12-0; Garrett Zuver (Sae) p Mack Heitzenrater (HC) 1:51.

138: Matt Humes (Sae) md Hunter Proctor (Cy) 12-4; Chris Hibbler (Sen) p Aaron Hoover (Y) 3:31.

145: Louie Head (E) p Jacob Kruize (I) 1:23; Brad Malinowski (FL) d Aaron Jackson (Sae) 4-3.

152: Taylor Harrington (FL) d Lance Neuscheler (Sae) 7-1; Matt Newara (HC) md Kodi Skarzenski (NE) 16-8.

160: Jordan Bryan (NE) p Andrew Boylan (Sae) 3:21; Taylor Fox (FL) d Josh Reinke (UC) 4-1.

170: Tim Vargo (UC) p Jack Middleton (FL) 2:33; Shane Taubert (Cy) d Jeremy Mitchell (Sae) 3-1.

182: Dylan Reynolds (Sae) md Gage Salusky (FL) 11-2; Stone Sivak (Y) md Cody Thomas (UC) 15-2.

195: Trevor Beiter (Sen) md Andrew Phelps (NE) 13-5; Ryan Morris (Cy) p Jake Johnson (E) 1:27.

220: Jaykup Durlin (Y) d Tim Suydan (Cy) 4-1; Evan Daley (FL) p Storm McDonald (UC) 1:57.

285: Jeff Burger (UC) p Dylan Raines (E) :25; Nate Conti (FL) d John Macken (Sae) 5-4 3OT.


106 pounds: Brown p Weilacher 1:09.

113: Carter md Nowakowski 10-1.

120: Vath d Kuzma 5-1.

126: Monico d Ballew 7-3.

132: Fish p Zuver 4:19.

138: Humes d Hibbler 8-7.

145: Malinowski d Head 4-2.

152: Harrington tf Newara 15-0 5:20.

160: Bryan d Fox 4-2.

170: Vargo d Taubert 5-2.

182: Reynolds p Sivak 1:59.

195: Beiter d Morris 3-2.

220: Daley p Durlin 1:37.

285: Burger d Conti 9-2.

Consolation bracket


106 pounds: Hayden Victor (Y) d Andrew Benden (NE) 5-0; Tyler Nowakowski (Sen) tf Julian Colwell (E) 15-0 3:27.

113: Nate Jones (UC) bye; Steve Haner (E) p Andrew Fachetti (I) 4:08.

120: Jacob Miller (NE) md Cristian Fernandez (UC) 8-0; Chester Ciukaj (Y) p Emilio Thomas (I) 4:38.

126: Adam Borgia (FL) md Alex Locco-Neilsen (HC) 12-3; Mark May (Cy) d Harold Klenzing (I) 11-4.

132: Colton Pillar (FL) p Jake Bickerstaff (Cy) 3:47; Russell Adams (UC) p Seth Cowan (I) 2:39.

138: Shane Newell (FL) d Kyle Laniewicz (I) 7-4; Graham Johnson (E) p McKenzie Kopp (NE) 3:40.

145: Josh Burgess (UC) bye; Tristin Gibson (Y) bye.

152: Robbie Wilston (E) bye; Kris Wilcox (Y) p Jake Bartlett (I) 2:27.

160: Zach Ishman (Y) bye; Ryan Sanders (Cy) bye.

170: Dan Kuhn (HC) bye; Marcos Gonzalez (NE) p Nathaniel Kightlinger (I) 2:37.

182: Tyrus Murphy (NE) bye; Alex Suydan (Cy) p Zach Muye (Sen) 1:35.

195: Nick Tomcho (UC) bye; Garrett Reinwald (FL) d Brock Henderson (Sae) 4-1.

220: Tory Pusateri (Sen) bye; Matt Sowers (Sae) bye.

285: Austin Slocum (Y) bye; Paul Watkins (HC) bye.


106 pounds: Bengel p Victor 1:11; Nowakowski p Kita 1:28.

113: Elizon p Jones 4:02; Gray p Haner 1:46.

120: Hammond d Miller 6-0; Yaple d Ciukaj 5-1.

126: Borgia d Fedorchuk 5-1; Tomcho p May :58.

132: Heitzenrater d Pillar 8-6 OT; Gourley d Adams 1-0.

138: Newell d Hoover 2-0; Proctor p Johnson 2:50.

145: Jackson p Burgess 3:18; Kruize d Gibson by forfeit.

152: Wilston d Skarzenski 9-4; Neuscheler p Wilcox :48.

160: Reinke p Ishman 2:10; Boylan d Sanders by forfeit.

170: Mitchell p Kuhn 4:01; Middleton p Gonzalez 2:54.

182: Thomas p Murphy :59; Suydan md Salusky 12-3.

195: Johnson md Tomcho 12-4; Reinwald d Phelps 5-1.

220: McDonald d Pusateri 4-3; Suydan p Sowers 3:18.

285: Macken d Slocum 3-2; Raines p Watkins 1:40.

Consolation Finals

106 pounds: Bengel p Nowakowski :42.

113: Gray md Elizon 12-2.

120: Yaple d Hammond 6-1.

126: Tomcho d Borgia 4-3.

132: Heitzenrater d Gourley 2-0.

138: Newell d Proctor 3-2.

145: Jackson p Kruize :46.

152: Neuscheler d Wilston 5-2.

160: Reinke d Boylan 5-2.

170: Mitchell d Middleton 3-0.

182: Thomas d Suydan by injury default.

195: Reinwald d Johnson 5-2.

220: McDonald d Suydan 2-1.

285: Macken p Raines 3:18.