Jackson justice

Dear editor:

Much fame and claim has been made of the Democrat, “Hometown Boy”, Attorney Robert H. Jackson, Esq. (1892-1954), Spring Creek, Warren County, Pennsylvania 16436, to the extent of naming in said courthouse, “The Jackson Court Room”.

It is time to reassess. Why? It is not right to overlook policies of failure when history repeats itself. The Obamamanian, Democrat, Politico Taxocrats are engaging in the same foolish, failed, anti-big business, antics enacted by the democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt, under the New Deal. Called “Progressives” in the “Collectivism” of said administrations, they veil themselves in a cloak of, “Only government can provide to make a better life for all.”

The New Dealers as habitual bullies, of which Jackson was a ardent zealot, dealt a bad hand. Their delivery struck down the economy, freezing it via fear of uncertainty of the terrifying tax and regulatory acts via prosecutions, causing capital to go on strike. Jackson, “One cannot be too tough in this trial to suit me,” pursuit of Andrew Mellon, acquitted, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U. S. Treasury Secretary, three presidents serving under him.

When governments regulate in general they stifle the individual -“the forgotten man” – the one who pays. Then, like now, the United State forgot how to grow, mired in deflation. The Dealers’ intervention helped to make the Depression “Great” (1929-1940) by preventing the economy from lingering in unnecessary length for recovery. Most things are achieved by judiciously leaving them alone. It is hard to believe what one does not understand.

Jackson’s, “Life under liberty under law,” became under siege. Tens of millions of good, honest, hard-working Americans, the ones who were supposed to be helped, ended up horribly compromised in dramatically reducing lifestyles: going without, begging in the streets, suicide, to loss of identity. “That’s the way it is.” Can this be called justice? The goose (the free market) which had been laying the golden eggs had its head cut off.

Whose fault in accountability? Education: public, colleges, universities, media, professionals who remain silent which is a lie – in whole, intellectual dishonesty. There are a lot of good men with good intentions; the problem is they are not good enough. When it gets to the point where the whole “ship” is off course it’s time to neutralize, to rethink, to reboot their positions in history; eg, the main court room has no name, so be it for the Jackson Room.

To name, or not to name?

Always a choice,

John L. Erickson

Citizen Advocate

P. S. Read the books: The Forgotten Man, Best Seller, Amity Shlaes, 2007, Coolidge, 2013