Horse manure

Dear editor,

I am writing in response to the article titled “Manure Manners” that appeared in the TIMES OBSERVER last Wednesday, the 6th of February. I am not a resident of the Borough; however, I did reside in the Borough for 20+ years and am familiar with many of the resident. Whoever may be offended by this horse manure matter matter depends entirely on the mind of the beholder.

I think the problem can be somewhat easily resolved by the Borough Council by simply adopting an ordinance (which from reading the article seems self apparent) and posting signs at all Borough limits stating that horses should be diapered before entering town.

I totally agree with Mr. Fry’s comment that they, the Amish, spend money in Sugar Grove and are good people. I have known many Amish over the years and find them to be very honest, fair, hard working and God-fearing. However, these ‘road apples’ can be an annoyance for the community and I believe a solution can be easily reached. I slightly disagree with Councilman Les Lyon in that, I think that if they were alerted to the ordinance at the Borough limits with signs, they would conform to the law. In other words, the ordinance would be self imposing and therefore self enforcing. With proper notification, whose park will the ball be in?

I am also aware there may be some rogues out there…but alas, there are rogues all over the place and sadly to say they are not all Amish. Lastly, whether you’re Christian or non-Christian… “You are the God you worship.”

The Sugar Grove Bugler

Paul L. Tutmaher