Our opinion: School achievement

Amid the daily negatives of life and news – because one begets the other – there were two instances of positive reports regarding Warren County schools recently.

The first concerned Youngsville High School, which a year before had been included on the state’s “naughty” list of poorly performing schools based on standardized testing. Because it was listed in the lowest 15 percent, parents of children attending there could qualify for help to send their children to other, better performing schools.

Last week, it was announced that Youngsville’s scores had improved significantly over the past year and, like a baseball team suffering a prolonged slump, had fought its way out of the basement.

It wasn’t magic.

The improvements came as the result of a lot of hard work by faculty, students and administration and proved that, with the help of involved parents, students can achieve their full potential. As principal Dr. Darrel Jaskolka noted, “We didn’t think just math and language arts. We asked all teachers if they could embed with their curriculum math and language arts concepts.”

On Monday we reported that Sheffield had joined Youngsville and Beaty-Warren as the third middle school in the district to be named a PA Don Eichhorn Schools: School to Watch.

Schools receiving the designation must show academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity and strong organizational structures and processes.

“Our whole school culture has improved dramatically. This is, sort of, confirmation that we are on the right path,” said Principal Amy Beers.

We agree.