Y’ville Council passes ordinances detailing parking violations, fines

A number of ordinances formalizing parking violations and the accompanying fines were passed by Youngsville Borough Council at its meeting Monday.

But not without some opposition from local business.

One ordinance amends borough law to designate general parking violations including fines for parking on any bridge, another addresses winter parking regulations and another deals with parking in spaces designated for disabled motorists.

Proposed fines, which were reviewed by the borough’s streets and sidewalk committee and submitted to council for final passage, include a $10 fine for most parking violations and a $40 fine for parking in areas reserved for those with disabilities.

John Pollow, owner of Huey’s Place, said eliminating parking on the bridge on E. Main Street “would really hurt all of our businesses .”

“That’s about the only parking we have in town…we lose those it’s going to hurt us, it’s going to hurt business,” he said.

“The problem with that, John, is it’s state law,” council member Pam Olewine said. “It’s always been in the books.”

“I realize that, but it hasn’t been enforced in a hundred years,” Pollow replied.

“These new ordinances that you are seeing are all state law,” Youngsville Borough Police Chief Todd Mineweaser said. “We don’t have time to do a lot of parking enforcement in the borough, we’re pretty busy with other calls. This is just something that is put on our ordinance books. If we have to enforce it and PennDOT comes down and says “You guys won’t receive any grant money for your roads if you don’t start doing this” then we have it on our books. It’s going to be a $10 ticket instead of a $104 citation.”

“Is the state really going after you to enforce it?” Pollow asked.

“Have they yet? No,” Mineweaser said. “It’s on our books, it’s never been enforced in the past. Unless PennDOT gets on us about enforcing it, honestly, I don’t plan on doing it.”

Mineweaser approached council at its January meeting about putting formal rules into place governing parking and fines.

At the time, the ordinances were intended to ensure a formal ordinance was in place prior to his department ordering parking tickets, as officers have been using a generic ticket or writing up full citations for parking violations. Formalized ordinances will allow the department to order customized tickets with fine information matching borough law, he said.

An ordinance designating a new ‘No Parking’ zone prohibiting parking on Water Street from W. Main Street to Second Street was tabled.

“Personally, I’d like to see it as a seasonal for school only,” one resident said about the ‘No Parking’ zone on Water Street during public comment.

“We can take that back to streets and reassess it instead of passing it today,” Olewine said.

Ordinances approved by council include ordinance number 580 which institutes a $10 fine for a number of general violations including parking within 30 feet of a safety zone along the adjacent curb; upon any bridge or other elevated structure upon a highway; within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection; within 20 of the driveway entrance to any fire station; and within 30 feet of approach to a traffic signal.

Ordinance number 581formalizes a $10 fine for winter parking rules and designates that from Nov. 1 to April 1, if no contrary ‘No Parking’ designation exists, vehicles will be required to park on the side of the street with even numbered addresses on even numbered days and on the side with odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days.

Ordinance number 582 formalizes parking laws dealing with disabled only designated spaces would provide wording for what constitutes a violation, essentially any parking by a vehicle not transporting or driven by someone disabled, and sets a fine for violations at $40.

Also during Monday’s meeting, council approved Construction Code Inspection Inc., of Franklin as the building code inspection service for the borough.

A resolution declaring the property at 42 Highland Ave. blighted was also tabled.