Boy Scouts

Dear editor:

As usual, when a newspaper discusses an issue where the common sense and more traditional elements of our society come under fire from an increasingly powerful elite and their so-called “progressive” agenda, I find that a recent article on the Boy Scouts debate over allowing homosexual members portrays all opposition to the change in strictly religious terms.

This despite the fact that most of the arguments against it are purely practical arguments – and that not all of this opposition comes from religious leaders!

In fact, it is quite obvious that should the BSA decide to allow it, the results will be catastrophic!

Why do I say this?

Well, on one level, churches are one of the main sponsors of Boy Scout troops – and (no surprise) these are typically from far more conservative denominations, with incredible numbers of Troops sponsored by the Catholic Church alone. Should they make this change thousands of troops will be homeless overnight.

But there is another, far more serious concern: back in the late 80s and 90s, a series of lawsuits over child molestation nearly destroyed the Scouts. Such abuse is most common in situations where potential predators spend lots of time alone with boys. But what most people miss is that this is not necessarily traditional pedophilia. While I am unaware of the actual statistics of these incidents, I know that in the case of the abuse of altar boys in the Catholic Church, nearly all of the abuse started between ages 15 – 16. Certainly, abuse of post-pubescent boys played a large part in the BSA cases.

So why should we believe that homosexual leaders will not find physically mature boys attractive? It would be absurd if they didn’t. Somehow our society seems to have lost hold of its common sense, or else we would know that putting someone in a situation where he has to face temptation all the time makes it far more likely that he will give in. Older Catholics will remember that this used to be called an “occasion of sin”.

And we also need to remember that the statistical studies of homosexual behavior that are widely available portray them as far more likely to have multiple partners. This only makes it more probable that such incidents will occur.

Should the BSA make the wrong decision, I expect it will destroy them. They will probably be unable to reverse this decision later on, no matter how disastrous the results…

And it is very unlikely that the newspapers will bother to report the real causes of their problems.


Mark Cole