AMVETS offer upgrades for Sugar Grove park

The Sugar Grove AMVETS has some extra money to spend.

Sugar Grove Borough is interested in park upgrades.

In an effort to keep the money local, the two entities are going to work something out.

“We have some money to spend in the community,” Gary Fry with the AMVETS told Sugar Grove Borough Council last Monday night. He explained that AMVETS would be interested in lighting the park and “willing to pay all the expenses.” Fry also said that they would like to paint the pavilion over the summer as well, making improvements “aesthetically that might be appealing.”

“We got a nice little park,” he said, adding that AMVETS also bought 20 more flags for the community.

“We have some money to get rid of and we decided we wanted to do it in our community,” he added.

Beyond the improvements at the park, Fry said that AMVETS would also be interested in replacing the Christmas lights in the borough. “We found that there is an issue with the wiring that might need done, too,” he said. Between the lights and the electrical work they are “looking at a pretty good size expense there.” He said that project may need to be broken into multiple years.

Fry also said that AMVETS is open to other project suggestions from borough council.

“What kind of money are we talking?” Councilman Pete Allenson asked. “We got a water project, a water pump in the park, (that is) beyond the means of the council. We got the well there. Some people want the water.” He added that they are looking at an electric pump and if they decide to put in a water fountain, Camp Stone, a Jewish summer camp outside of Sugar Grove, has offered to assist.

“Let me take that back to the group,” Fry said. “We want to put some money back in town here.”

Regardless of that outcome, Fry said they are committed to the lighting and painting. “That’s not big money,” he said.

“I think you picked a good spot,” Mayor Dutch Strand said.

“I say whatever they (AMVETS) want to do is good,” council President Kevin McIntyre said.

“The money is coming out of the people’s pockets from this town,” Allenson said. “I think it should stay here.”

Councilman Kevin Nicklas made the motion, which was unanimously approved, to authorize AMVETS to put the lights up in the park with other projects to be approved by council.