Little League field trip — A hit with kids

Times Observer photos by Jon Sitler

Carrie Salapek, a board member with the Warren County Youth Baseball Softball Association (WCYBSA), and several Little League baseball and softball players took an educational field trip to kindergarten and first-grade classes in the Warren County School District on Thursday to talk about and teach tee-ball, in conjunction with 2013 Little League sign-ups (at, which began on Monday. Elementary schools visited included Russell, Sugar Grove, Youngsville, Allegheny Valley and South Street, and the players and students demonstrated how to play. From left, above top, at Russell Elementary, are softball players Braydn Wilson, Jordan Sitler and Alexis Nyquist, along with Salapek, watching Eliza Brook take a cut in the gym. Below, Salapek encourages Russell’s Drew Mandeville during a hitting drill, with from left, baseball players Aidan Morrison, Ben Salapek and Tyler Gustafson looking on. Two photos down, even the principals gave it a swing, with South Street Elementary’s Ann Buerkle showing how its done, much like Youngsville’s Shannon Yeager (not pictured) did earlier in the day. Inset, a Sugar Grove student examines an official Little League tee-ball.