SWIMMING: Dragons split with visiting Meadville

The Lady Dragons couldn’t slip past Meadville this time around, as Warren’s swim teams split with visiting Meadville on Thursday at the Warren County YMCA.

“There were a lot of positives big-time,” said Warren coach Jeff Walters, whose boys team won, 109-66, and girls fell, 101-79, after a one-point victory in the last event earlier this season.

“They had some of their guns back and they did a nice job against us,” said Walters. “They even spotted us a few points (because they didn’t compete in diving) and still beat us, (but) it was a good effort all-around.”

Warren honored several seniors on Senior Night, including Ellis Beardsley, Cayla Leichtenberger, Ed Ord, Cody McGraw, Liam Boger, Wyatt Pierson and Brad Walters.

“That was the highlight of the night,” said Walters.

Senior co-captain Beardsley won the 200 free and was second in the 100 free with good times, he said, and Anna Falvo and Mandy Fehlman excelled in the 100-meter breaststroke and 100 butterfly, respectively. Elin Smith had the other swimming win in the 100 back.

On the boys’ side, Cameron Daniels won the 50 and 100 free races, and Logan Gearhart and Bennett Steber won and are both within a second of school records in the 100 back and 100 breast, respectively.

Walters said Ord gutted out the 100 butterfly and Clark Eason “is a freshman getting stronger and faster and inching for his district time.”

Sean McGuinness qualified for districts in the 200 individual medley, Wyatt Pierson is getting closer in the 200 free, and Max Pierson drops a couple of seconds off his best time in the 100 breaststroke.

Walters said Daniels also helped pull the boys 200 free relay from behind to win.

Brad Walters’ time in the 100 butterfly was his best of the season.

Coach Walters said the Dragons have missed practice time due to bad weather, “but we’ll catch up.”

Meadville 101, Warren girls 79

200 Medley Relay: 1. Meadville 2:12.14, 2. Warren (Elin Smith, Anna Falvo, Mandy Fehlman, Christine Kuzminski), 3. Warren (Allie Sedon, Bethany See, Claudia Olson, Lindsay Onuffer), 5. Warren (Lexie Gee, Natalie Peterson, Lilya Renner, Emily Lookenhouse)

200 Free: 1. Ellis Beardsley (W) 2:23.24, 2. Hotchkiss (M), 3. Steinback (M), 4. Lacey Grinnen (W), 6. Megan Waterfield (W)

200 IM: 1. Hartnett (M) 2:42.94, 2. Elin Smith (W), 3. Anna Falvo (W), 4. Alexis Vavala (W)

Diving: 1. Allie Sedon (W) 162.55, 2. Christine Kuzminski (W)

100 Fly: 1. Murphee (M) 1:13.54, 2. Mandy Fehlman (W), 3. Claudia Olson (W)

100 Free: 1. Sternby (M) 1:04.27, 2. Ellis Beardsley (W), 3. Moreland (M), 5. Alexis Vavala (W), 6. Lilya Renner (W)

400 Free: 1. Hotchkiss (M) 5:08.86, 2. Steinback (M), 3. Lacey Grinnen (W), 4. Megan Waterfield (W), 5. Lexie Gee (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. Meadville 2:03.61, 2. Warren (Christine Kuzminski, Elin Smith, Anna Falvo, Ellis Beardsley), 3. Warren (Lacey Grinnen, Claudia Olson, Megan Waterfield, Alexis Vavala), 4. Warren (Bethany See, Lexie Gee, Natalie Peterson, Emily Lookenhouse)

100 Back: 1. Elin Smith (W) 1:09.28, 2. Webber (M), 3. Kusko (M), 4. Claudia Olson (W), 5. Lilya Renner (W)

100 Breast: 1. Hartnett (M) 1:21.88, 2. Anna Falvo (W), 3. Murphee (M), 4. Bethany See (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. Meadville 4:37.29, 2. Warren (Megan Waterfield, Alexis Vavala, Mandy Fehlman, Ellis Beardsley), 3. Meadville, 4. Warren (Lacey Grinnen, Lilya Renner, Bethany See, Allie Sedon)

Warren boys 109, Meadville 66

200 Medley Relay: 1. Warren (Logan Gearhart, Bennett Steber, Brad Walters, Cameron Daniels) 1:57.68, 2. Meadville, 3. Warren (Sean McGuinness, John Kylander, Bob McAvoy, Liam Boger), 5. Warren (Sammy Sherrard, Cody McGraw, Eddie Ord, Luke Wortman)

200 Free: 1. Logan Gearhart (W) 2:12.63, 2. Moreland (M), 3. Wyatt Pierson (W), 5. Eric Cecco (W)

200 IM: 1. Ziegler (M) 2:33.58, 2. Bennett Steber (W), 3. Sean McGuinness (W), 5. Bob McAvoy (W)

50 Free: 1. Cameron Daniels (W) 26.04, 2. Prinkley (M), 3. Furlong (M), 4. Clark Eason (W), 5. Liam Boger (W)

Diving: 1. Drew Huey (W) 154.80

100 Fly: 1. Prinkley (M) 1:05.10, 2. Brad Walters (W), 3. Bob McAvoy (W)

100 Free: 1. Cameron Daniels (W) 59.16, 2. Furlong (M), 3. Clark Eason (W), 4. Darren Liu (W)

400 Free: 1. Willey (M) 5:11.34, 2. Wyatt Pierson (W), 3. Christian Olson (W), 5. Eric Cecco (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. Warren (Wyatt Pierson, Clark Eason, Brad Walters, Cameron Daniels) 1:51.72, 2. Meadville, 3. Warren (Liam Boger, Cody McGraw, John Kylander, Darren Liu), 4. Warren (Quinn Boger, Eddie Ord, Morgan Latshaw, Ian Laih)

100 Back: 1. Logan Gearhart (W) 1:03.32, 2. Sean McGuinness (W), 3. Moreland (M), 5. Sammy Sherrard (W)

100 Breast: 1. Bennett Steber (W) 1:12.87, 2. Ziegler (M), 3. Leung (M), 4. John Kylander (W), 5. Max Pierson (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. Warren (Brad Walters, Bennett Steber, Wyatt Pierson, Logan Gearhart) 4:25.36, 2. Meadville, 3. Warren (Sean McGuinness, Cody McGraw, John Kylander, Liam Boger), 5. Warren (Christian Olson, Keith Ruzich, Max Pierson, Quinn Boger)