Sheffield supervisors remind utilities of need for permits to open streets

Monday night’s meeting of the Sheffield Township Supervisors saw review of a letter reminding local utilities of permit requirements within the township.

The supervisors announced the township will send a letter to National Fuel, Columbia Gas and the Sheffield Township Municipal Authority reminding them a township ordinance requires permits be obtained prior to any street cutting and digging work.

According to the supervisors, utility work in recent years has been done without the necessary permitting.

The permit application requires a $400 fee.

The supervisors received notice from solicitor Andrea Stapleford that title work on properties which will be effected by upcoming Henry Mill bridge work has been completed.

The supervisors will be looking into creating an ordinance formalizing billing to insurance companies for emergency services fees. They will be reviewing the wording of similar ordinances they believe are in place in Glade and Pine Grove townships.

The supervisors received a number of complaints regarding properties in violation of township ordinances which address garbage and rubbish. Concerns over properties on Mill and Hall streets were received. According to the supervisors, the township is moving forward with filing charges against residents at both properties.

“It’s in the process of what we have to do to get it cleaned up,” Chairman James McMillen said of the Mill Street property.

It was announced a review of property damage caused by last year’s sewage system upgrade project will be held on Feb. 13. The supervisors, township personnel, members of the township municipal authority, representatives of PennDOT and PENNVEST and the project engineer will meet to review damage and assess potential cost of repair. It is anticipated the cost will be covered by the contractor on the project.

The township will be looking into possible grant funding to pave the parking lot behind the fire department. Previous estimates were approximately $15,000.

The supervisors approved spending $160 to cover costs of membership in the Pennsylvania Fire Police Association for township fire police. The township has 16 fire police and the cost of membership dues is $10 each.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, the supervisors will be coordinating with township emergency services and the Warren County School District to arrange a tour of township school facilities. The tour is intended to familiarize personnel with the schools to aid in the event of an emergency.

The supervisors approved moving the scheduled Feb. 18 meeting to Feb. 19 pending availability of the Sheffield Hospitality Center. Feb. 18 is President’s Day.