Traffic signals

Dear editor:

I hereby nominate Mr. Gary Lester to be Commissioner of traffic signal lights and stop signs for Warren Boro.

Gary would probably eliminate a few traffic lites which in turn would reduce the number of those senseless waste of time and gas “no turn on red” signs.

If my memory is correct there was a time when there were traffic signal lights at both Penn and East and Penn and Pine, and the resulting problems upon those removals were?

One thing for sure, fewer electric traffic signals and more stop signs would improve everyone’s gas mileage, and lessen the city’s utility bill.

In my opinion the crux of the problem with the stop signs at Penn and Liberty is the inability of some drivers to make intelligent/snap decisions. If most stop signs included the message “no left turn” it would improve the flow of traffic. Drivers might have to plan their traffic route BEFORE they arrive at any intersection with a “no left turn” stop sign.

Pedestrians are always at risk, period.But especially with ear plugs, etc. etc..

Yours, for Mr. Lester for Commish! And fewer signals and more signs!

George Munch