Right to work

Dear editor:

You bunch of politicians who are pushing this Right to Work bill better stop and look in the mirror and ask yourself what harm you are doing to the middle class. Unions provide a middle class in America. Who is going to fight for us? You politicians? You people raise your wages anytime you see fit. And who do you people ask? No one. And most of you with your silk ties and fancy hair cuts arnt worth a nickle.

Since us tax payers can’t vote on your wages, but if we could, many of you would have to go and get a real job. What do you politicians do for us working people. Empty promises that’s what. Let me help you politicians out. On what its all about.

Technology is killing the middle class. Do you people ever think of starting a retraining program to off set this problem? If you politicians could do somthing like that, then you would be earning your lofty wages.

Just some info for you to know – many unions are already doing this. Are you people suprised? Sure you are.

“Semper Fi”

Carl A. Rozzelle