Our opinion: How times change

Time changes things, doesn’t it?

There was a time, and the elder among us can probably remember, when gambling and alcohol were considered vices. Police departments, at least the larger ones in big cities, had vice squads, whose job it was to keep vice under control.

Fast forward to today.

Gambling and alcohol are now promoted by government, at least Tom Corbett’s government.

Is this an editorial pining for the days of prohibition, to promote the closing of casinos, or an end to the state lottery? No, not at all.

We are merely pointing out the governor’s enchantment with the expansion of what was formerly considered vice, his fixation with privatization. Expand the lottery by privatizing it, and entice more people to play more often. Expand liquor, beer and wine sales and reap the temporary windfall by auctioning the state’s assets in the business. If you have visions of a local entrepreneur opening a corner liquor store, cast them out; they’ll be bidding against the big boxes for the license.

Yes, there’s big money in vice, always has been.

Now, as the governor takes another shot at privatizing booze he has promised to take the money and throw it into education. This comes only days after he threatens to cut state education subsidies if he doesn’t get his pension reform plans (which are still unclear) through the legislature. It comes only two years since he cut the state’s basic education subsidy, forcing school districts like Warren County’s to cut furlough teachers, and reduce student services and curriculum.

Time changes things, doesn’t it?

So does politics.

In the span of two weeks, the governor has worked both sides of the good cop-bad cop tactic all by himself.

Do you want to be the legislator who votes against the governor’s plans for liquor sales and deprives school districts the millions Corbett has promised? Do you want to be the legislator who votes against his pension plans and costs school districts the money he promises to take from them if his plans fail?

Do you see a pattern here?

If you want your kids to have a top-flight education, you better do what the governor says and get ready to drink and gamble more.

Has anyone in the administration whispered in the governor’s ear that there are counties in Nevada where prostitution, the world’s oldest private enterprise, is legal? Apparently, not yet.