School transfers

Dear editor:

I am writing to alert the public of a Warren County School District policy issue regarding transfers.

According to district policy 10102 section 3, “A child who desires to take a course essential to his or her program of studies which is not offered by his/her assigned school may be transferred to a school within the district where the course is available. The transfer request must be submitted in writing by the parent/guardian and shall remain in effect for the duration of the course(s).”

However, recent decisions by the school board, superintendent, and administrations have led me to believe that this policy has been extended to cover scheduling conflicts, instead of simply classes that are not available.

For example, students attending Saint Bonaventure University’s dual enrollment program are allowed to transfer schools to take a high school class that conflicts with their SBU schedule. To further complicate the controversy, taking a class at another school does not automatically result in a transfer.

Numerous students who are involved in Career Center programs take classes at Warren, but they are still students of their respective schools. I would like to remind the individuals governing our schools to either stick with the policies they set forth, or rewrite them.

Thank you,

Paula Southwell

Warren Area High School Senior