Brokenstraw, Kane top Penn-York trap

Brokenstraw and Kane tied for first place, followed by Kalbfus in third, on Sunday with 140 shooters in attendance at the Penn-York Winter Trap League at the Kane Fish and Game Club.

Paul Prentice and Colton Black shot perfect scores. Black is the top shooter in the league so far, followed closely by Bob Faga, Chuck Loomis and Ethan Black.

Kassie Hollabaugh was the high sub-junior and Reid Thompson was the high junior after both broke 48 targets. Laura Spiridon and Stephanie Tutmaher each broke 47 targets to tie for high lady, Chuck Travis was the high vet, Russ Wingard the high senior vet and Bob Dixon was the high super senior vet.

Shooters are divided in five classes to allow for more competition among the different levels. Colton Black is at the top of the AA class, Ed Pennington the A class, Lee Dunkle the B class, Jerry Cressley the C class and Mike Carrington the D class.

There are 5 shoots remaining in competition and next week’s shoot is at the Kalbfus Rod and Gun Club.

Here are the complete results from this week’s competition:

BROKENSTRAW (331): Jerry Cressley 48, Archie Hollabaugh 48, Kassie Hollabaugh 48, Zack Bush 47, Jason Gustafson 47, Rusty Luther 47, Mike Carrington 46

KANE (331): Gary Kreig 49, Ed Pennington 49, Reid Thompson 48, Roger Retzinger 47, Robert Kreig 46, Lee Dunkle 46, Ricky Grundstrom 46

KALBFUS (329): Chuck Travis 48, Otto Carl 48, Bob Gregersen 48, Jim Nowacki 47, Mike McDunn 47, Duane Schmader 46, Denny Joy 45

SUGAR GROVE (323): Colton Black 50, Reed Johnson 46, Jim Hannon 46, Denny LaBarte 46, Jon Shelton 45, Ethan Black 45, Dave Sena 45

PINE GROVE (323): William Gross 47, Laura Spiridon 47, Greg Nagurney 47, Bob Faga 47, Russ Wingard 46, Dean Spiridon 45, Brian Ecelberger 44

CELORON (319): Don Foster 47, Stephanie Tutmaher 47, Kevin Nicklas 46, Rose Corbran 46, Tom Tutmaher 45, Dave Kingsley 44, Kevin Sturzenbecker 44

BUSTI (304): Pete Eckman 46, Hod Edgreen 45, Tiffany Decker 45, Tyler Eckman 43, Dave Straight 43, Dick Starks 42, Jim Bessey 40

RANDOLPH (299): Paul Hvizdzak 45, Andrew Hvizdzak 45, Jacob Grimm 45, Jim Congdon 44, Rob Simcick 43, Greg Grimm 41, Red Clark 36

SHEFFIELD (299): Bob Dixon 47, Marty Grove 47, Joe Leichtenberger 46, Ralph Challingsworth 45, Lee Heeter 42, Daniel Pierson 41, Jacob Grove 41

CARROLL (296): Paul Prentice 50, Marty Nelson 46, Dakota Peterson 44, Erin Estus 44, Russ Estus 44, Alex Kyler 34, Mike Peterson 34