Gun rights

Dear editor:

Just trying to understand your logic.

The proposed Pennsylvania bill, “to stop federal gun control laws”, in the Times Observer on January 25, 2013.

The lines reading, “Pennsylvania citizens their God-given right to keep and bear arms” and “one of our most sacred individual liberties”, pertaining to the right to bear arms.

God-given right, sacred, really?

Would you Pennsylvania legislators, drafting this law on gun control, explain to me, how the previous statements apply to God.

I believe, the only right granted by God, is to life, and what is sacred, is that life.

The primary purpose of assault style arms are to, “assault” and destroy, as many of Gods sacred lives, in the shortest possible time.

Put more guns in the hands of citizens to curb gun violence, is like adding fuel to a fire, and expecting the fire to go out, like giving another drink to an inebriated person, saying, this will make you feel better. This bill is lame.

Just trying to understand your logic.

Rod Nicklas