Bean Stalk

Dear editor:

Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell a tax as rich as rum – the intoxicated taxocrats in the Fairy-tale world of Warren taxes.

Solving the costs of elementary municipal services by raising taxes on property is not management, or is raising taxes, period. No one owns their home, one pays rent (in the form of taxes). If you don’t pay your “rent” in two years, you are evicted when the house goes up for tax sale.

Poverty (10,900 dollars, or less) in this city of 9000 people is 14.5 percent of 1273 persons; average earnings, 23,100. Statewide, 27,800. Costs: City Manager, 104,000; Assistant City Manager, 72,000; Fire Chief, 89,000; Police Chief, 91,000; Police Captain, 83,000, Patrolman, 70,191; Fire, 2 million; Police, 1.8 million dollars.

These salaried positions for the limited (little) level of responsibility they carry in relevance to the stride of the city are immoral to support, not worth money for benefits received. In short, liberty under law, under siege: too many laws, too many arrests, resulting in a stiffled economy and loss of identity, if one succumbs to their mindset in modus operandi.

It’s Jack v. the Bean Stalk: the citizen lured by the gold (benefits of services) atop v. the ogre of unbridled growth in un-American, unionized taxocrats (the killers of capitalism). Solving the problem of being eaten alive, Jack chopped down the sky-high stalk, tumbling the hungry, human-eating ogre to its death. In real terms: free up the economy from excessive taxation, growth returning, benefits capitalism to the “forgotten man” (the one who pays). In turn, the invisible hand of the free-market place becomes Jack’s goose who laid golden eggs ad infinitum.

Wake up Warrenites! Regionalize the police force, maintain a volunteer fire crew. Jamestown, NY combined police with Chautauqua County for an estimated savings of a smashing 5-7 million dollars over 5 years. And, over decades of a century, there never has been an assistant to the manager or the level of police personnel; ie, 1950, 13,000 people, total police, 7, including the Chief.

Recent citizen survey: 74 percent were against higher city taxes. The people speak, but the council reeks. To tax or to ax?

Always a choice

John Erickson,

Citizen Advocate