True heros

Dear editor:

I just wanted to take an opportunity to publicly thank the City of Warren Police, Sheriff’s Office, and Pennsylvania State Troopers for their quick response and professionalism in the apprehension of the robbery suspect of Crone’s Drugstore on January 7th.

Although I did follow the suspect, the officers ultimately captured the suspect. These gentlemen do this type of thing on a daily basis and I can tell you first hand it is not something I would ever want to do. The officers quickly and calmly established a perimeter to contain the suspect and swiftly moved in to take down and neutralize any threat posed to the rest of us citizens.

Their response time was amazing, it seemed like there were officers from all three agencies there in minutes. Again, I can’t thank them enough for the bravery they exhibit in their daily work. They are the true heros.

Christopher Darling, Crone’s Drug Store

Tribute to a departed comrade

Dear editor:

Recently I was privileged to participate in a graveside service for a member of our Legion post. The service was conducted by the Honor Guard of Youngsville Post 658 and was the last recognition of their fellow veteran’s service. I just wanted to express my thanks to the individuals standing in subzero temperatures, willing to pay their respect to veterans in this area that have passed on. Good job gentlemen, well done!


Richard Morgan, Commander Post 758 Sugar Grove,

28th District Commander