SWIMMING: Warren swept at McDowell

ERIE – McDowell swam to the sweep, but both the Warren girls and boys swim teams had plenty of highlights during Thursday’s meet with the Trojans in Erie.

In completing the season sweep over the Dragons, McDowell was a 121-62 winner in the boys competition and a 133-52 winner in the girls meet.

The Warren boys are now 4-4 on the season while the Lady Dragons fall to 3-5.

The Dragon boys finished with three victories on Thursday, including two individual wins and one relay win. Logan Gearhart started the Warren winning with a victory in the 200 IM. Gearhart’s winning time was 2:18.06.

Perhaps the most exciting race of the night came in the 100 breast where Warren’s Bennett Steber touched the wall just one one-hundredth of a second ahead of his McDowell competition. Steber clocked in at 1:06.31 to earn the close victory.

The Dragons made sure to end the meet on a strong note as well with Gearhart, Steber, Brad Walters and Cameron Daniels winning the 400 free relay in 3:49.94.

According to Warren assistant coach Jill Bunce, Walters broke the one-minute mark in his second-place 100 fly swim and Darren Liu swam well in his first 500 free.

One of the night’s comical moments came late in the boys 500 free where a power outage forced Ed Ord to swim the final meters of his race in total darkness. Bunce joked that Ord said he “thought he had died” late in the grueling race.

Wins were hard to come by on the girls side of things, however, Warren more than held its own against the powerful Trojans.

The lone victory of the night came from Elin Smith who continues to impress in all events – especially the 100 backstroke. Smith finished in 1:03.60 on Thursday, earning the Lady Dragons’ only first-place finish of the night.

According to Bunce, Ellis Beardsley had a three-second drop in her second-place 200 free swim, Mandy Fehlman came close to district qualifying time with a 1:11.17 second-place swim in the 100 fly and Lacey Grinnen swam strong in the girls 500 freestyle.

The Dragons won’t have to wait long to get back in the pool, hosting Strong Vincent at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Warren County YMCA.

McDowell 133, Warren girls 52

200 Medley Relay: 1. McDowell 2:01.11, 2. McDowell, 3. Warren (Elin Smith, Anna Falvo, Claudia Olson, Christine Kuzminski), 5. Warren (Allie Sedon, Alexis Vavala, Lacey Grinnen, Lindsay Onuffer)

200 Free: 1. Snyder (M) 2:04.95, 2. Ellis Beardsley (W), 3. Diplacido (M), 4. Lacey Grinnen (W), 5. Megan Waterfield (W)

200 IM: 1. Owens (M) 2:25.59, 2. Wassil (M), 3. Pinter (M), 4. Claudia Olson (W)

50 Free: 1. Rahner (M) 26.96, 2. Snyder (M), 3. Springer (M), 4. Elin Smith (W), 5. Christine Kuzminski (W), 6. Anna Falvo (W)

Diving: 1. Marn (M), 2. O’Neal (M), 3. Allie Sedon (W), 4. Christine Kuzminski (W), 5. Lindsay Onuffer (W)

100 Fly: 1. Linden (M) 1:05.97, 2. Mandy Fehlman (W), 3. Greene (M), 5. Claudia Olson (W)

100 Free: 1. Colley (M) 57.19, 2. Ellis Beardsley (W), 3. Sierra (M), 5. Mandy Fehlman (W), 6. Lilya Renner (W)

500 Free: 1. Wassil (M) 5:48.82, 2. Owens (M), 3. Lacey Grinnen (W), 4. Megan Waterfield (W), 6. Lexie Gee (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. McDowell 1:48.89, 2. Warren (Christine Kuzminski, Allie Sedon, Mandy Fehlman, Ellis Beardsley), 3. McDowell, 4. Warren (Lindsay Onuffer, Alexis Vavala, Lilya Renner, Megan Waterfield), 5. Warren (Emily Lookenhouse, Lexie Gee, Bethany See, Natalie Peterson)

100 Back: 1. Elin Smith (W) 1:03.60, 2. Snyder (M), 3. Sierra (M), 5. Allie Sedon (W), 6. Lilya Renner (W)

100 Breast: 1. Springer (W) 1:13.92, 2. Anna Falvo (W), 3. Polmanski (M), 5. Bethany See (W), 6. Alexis Vavala (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. McDowell 3:57.79, 2. McDowell, 3. Warren (Elin Smith, Anna Falvo, Mandy Fehlman, Ellis Beardsley), 5. Warren (Megan Waterfield, Alexis Vavala, Claudia Olson, Lacey Grinnen), 6. Warren (Emily Lookenhouse, Lexie Gee, Bethany See, Lilya Renner)

McDowell 121, Warren boys 62

200 Medley Relay: 1. McDowell 1:40.86, 2. Warren (Logan Gearhart, Bennett Steber, Brad Walters, Cameron Daniels), 3. McDowell, 4. Warren (Sean McGuinness, John Kylander, Bob McAvoy, Clark Eason), 6. Warren (Darren Liu, Max Pierson, Ed Ord, Cody McGraw)

200 Free: 1. Logan Gearhart (W), 2. Chem (M), 3. Szelwach (M), 4. Wyatt Pierson (W), 6. Eric Cecco (W)

200 IM: 1. Cameron Daniels (W) 2:18.06, 2. Mahoney (M), 3. Sean McGuinness (W), 5. Christian Olson (W), 6. Max Pierson (W)

50 Free: 1. Marn (M) 22.83, 2. Mahoney (M), 3. Wujcik (M), 4. Cameron Daniels (W), 5. Clark Eason (W), 6. John Kylander (W)

Diving: 1. Murphy (M), 2. DiBello (M), 3. Drew Huey (W)

100 Fly: 1. Wujcik (M) 59.82, 2. Brad Walters (W), 3. Mahoney (M), 5. Bob McAvoy (W)

100 Free: 1. Steeler (M) 50.1, 2. Owens (M), 3. Cameron Daniels (W), 4. Clark Eason (W), 5. Liam Boger (W)

500 Free: 1. Jones (M) 5:21.51, 2. Szelwach (M), 3. Daniels (M), 4. Christian Olson (W), 5. Darren Liu (W), 6. Ed Ord (W)

200 Free Relay: 1. McDowell 1:36.42, 2. Warren (Clark Eason, Bennett Steber, Max Pierson, Brad Walters), 3. McDowell, 4. Warren (Darren Liu, Cody McGraw, Eric Cecco, Liam Boger), 6. Warren (Quinn Boger, Keith Ruzich, Morgan Latshaw, Ian Liah)

100 Back: 1. Ekas (M) 53.14, 2. Logan Gearhart (W), 3. Sean McGuinness (W), 6. Sammy Sherrard (W)

100 Breast: 1. Bennett Steber (W) 1:06.31, 2. Bello (M), 3. Feronti (M), 4. John Kylander (W), 6. Bob McAvoy (W)

400 Free Relay: 1. Warren (Logan Gearhart, Bennett Steber, Brad Walters, Cameron Daniels) 3:49.94, 2. McDowell, 3. McDowell, 4. Warren (Eric Cecco, Christian Olson, Liam Boger, Wyatt Pierson)