AREA BOWLING: Dick Smith Jr. bowls 705 series

Alex Johnson had a strong finish for a 613 series in the Valley Eagles youth league at Valley Bowling Center in Youngsville, but some other young bowlers had good days as well there.

Paige Edwards is a third grader at Sugar Grove Elementary and her high game was a 91, or 46 pins over her average. Koby Hendrickson is seven years of age and bowled his highest series to date and his 97, more than doubling his series average of 42.

Dick Smith Jr. rolled a 705 series on Thursday in the Howe’s True Value Men’s League.


Wednesday Major: Dan Parsons 236-634, Lee Summers 213-598, Matt Madigan 186-561

Coffee and Buns: Bob Olsen 189-518, Gary Moore 183-487, Jenny Olsen 179-466, Ruth Moore 155-456


Valley Eagles: Alex Johnson 203-186-224-613, Christopher Johnson 205-551,Jeremy Walsh 122-343, Pierce Landis 120-331, Gage Hendrickson 101-293, Nolan Groves 122-286, Brandon Lindstrom 103-283, Aaron Evans 131-282, Paige Edwards 91-226, Katie White 81-213, Josh Walsh 83-209, Nate Stein 86-209, Koby Hendrickson 97-207, Makenzie Knauer 66-185, Jena Wilson 68-173, Cole Chapman 63-172, Olivia Nuhfer 43-113

Youngsville City Men: Cale Crocker 259-659, Al Kuzminski 269-654, Joe Kowalski 234-643, Ivan Olson 233-642, Mark Johnson 208-601, Matt West 201-576, Mitch West 245-571, Andy Gregory 203-563


Howe’s True Value Men’s League: Dick Smith Jr. 238-224-243-705, Steve Arnold 244-672, Mike Hawley 239-665, Jeff Savko 240-648, Kevin Bailey 226-637, Don Moats 227-629, Harv Gorton 222-622, Troy Wagner 231-612, Todd Honhart 224-609, Clayton Willsie 237-601, Vic Valone 235-588, Justin Frederoski 215-575, Pat Hultquist 205-574, Allen Branthoover 220-564

Thursday Night Ladies: Rita Hawk 166-487, Cindy Nelson 170-479, Sharon Eaton 158-472, Martha Young 169-472