Dear editor:

When the word “Entitlements” is uttered by our elected officials in Washington, they make it sound as though the people receiving them are getting something for nothing.

Social Security and Medicare are earned benefits to which we contribute. They are not a handout. They enable millions of seniors to live lives of dignity. The fund has been borrowed from by administrations over the years.

Our elected officials do not want to raise taxes on people making $250,000 but they will consider not giving COLA to seniors receiving Social Security, some whose checks are less than $10,000 per year.

I wonder if people who are not “senior citizens” know that medicare payments are deducted from our seniors’ Social Security checks each month, some deductions for Medicare insurance over $100 per month.

No, seniors are not getting something for nothing. In addition to Medicare payments, there is supplemental insurance to cover costs Medicare does not pay for which the senior has to pay for, some insurance costing almost $200 per month in some instances. Also, we pay for prescription coverage.

All citizens have their problems. But I am so tired of these political discussions on Senior Citizens and their entitlements as if we are part of the cause of the financial problems in the country. We do not receive handouts. We worked for these benefits and are paying for them.


Mary Leo