Our opinion: Cleaning up

Despite all of the efforts and expense to make Warren’s downtown picture-perfect, there remains a pocket of shabbiness bordering its Streetscape project.

Ironically, two vacant buildings on Pennsylvania Avenue that would be an embarrassment to any owner are, in fact, owned by the city. It’s not clear how or when the city came by the ownership of 231-237 Pennsylvania Ave. W., but the fact remains that they are shabby and vacant.

The embarrassment has lasted long enough that City Council intends to take some action other than simply walking and driving past them and averting their eyes in the direction of real progress being made across the street on the new Northwest Savings expansion.

The first try is to find someone with entrepreneurial spirit and imagination who would purchase them, perhaps restore their interiors and facades in a pleasant way and put them to work as commercial properties once again. Or, if restoration and repurposing is out of the question, a new owner might raze them and fill the prime downtown property with a modern building.

We suppose if there are no takers of the deal, the city’s next step might be to simply use taxpayer money to raze them, and thus expand the empty lot on the corner of Liberty and Pennsylvania Avenue currently rented to accomodate construction trailers for the afore-mentioned Northwest project. If the buildings disappeared and the trailers disappeared, the resulting real estate could accommodate any number of commercial projects.

So, here’s an invitation to people with imagination and drive, who aren’t afraid to take a risk and have a reputable business plan: For sale – prime commercial property in downtown Warren. High visibility. High traffic. Motivated seller.