County’s cash balance falls by about $500K

The Warren County Commissioners learned about a more than $500,000 decrease in the county’s cash balance during Wednesday’s meeting.

According to Fiscal Director Toby Rohlin, notable changes in the fiscal report included reducing the county’s cash balance on hand by more than half a million dollars. The balance, which stands at $1,445,000, is down from $1,977,000 last year.

Rohlin said the decrease in cash on hand is due to a plan to drawdown the cash balance fund.

When asked about the significant decrease in the county’s cash balance, Rohlin replied, “We walk close to the edge, that’s where we’re comfortable. We don’t carry a lot of cash.”

According to Rohlin, county expenses this month were $165,881, including more than $18,000 in jail operating costs, $5,600 to Crone’s Drug Store, $3,000 to National Fuel, more than $4,000 to the alcohol monitoring program, and the Forest-Warren Department of Human Services’ monthly allocation of $65,000.

The commissioners also approved :

Resolution 2995 Postponement of Tax Duplicates. According to Chairman Stephen Vanco, rather than sending out two duplicates, the commissioners voted to approve a resolution that sends out one copy in June which saves on the cost of postage. The process includes taking out a tax anticipation note which is balanced out by its low interest rate, the savings on the cost of postage, as well as the interest earned on the money that is saved during the process and deposited into a savings account.

A Repository Tax Bid of $250 – Parcel WN-488-463000-004, a trailer-home.

Notice to Award – Rouse Medical Equipment Bid of $36,702.24. The funds were withdrawn from leftover money from a federal grant obtained by Congressman Glenn Thompson that was used to purchase the medical equipment for the Tidioute Medical Center.

A new agreement with Lyell Cook, Erie County coroner. The agreement includes a $5,000 retainer, $3,500 coroner fee, and $1,500 district attorney fee which allows autopsies to be performed by the Erie County coroners office when needed in the county.

During the citizen comments and concerns portion of the meeting, Joe Scully asked whether or not the county had looked into a fixed rate electricity plan. Commissioner John Eggleston said the county did indeed complete an energy study to assess whether or not a fixed rate electricity plan would be recommended. He said the results of the study revealed a lengthy 15-year payback during which time the necessary equipment would become obsolete, leading to the decision to forego a possible fixed rate electricity plan.