D.A. election

Dear editor:

Questions to candidates:

1. Your scale (proof) of integrity to serve justice, not to win a case at all costs?

2. Political fears affecting the outcomes of a case?

3. How will you determine who and not to prosecute?

4. Favor not prosecuting law enforcement officials for sake of fraternity?

5. Allow witnesses for the Commonwealth slack for the sake of the prosecution; ie, perjury, reckless negligence, obstruction of justice, etc.?

6. Is liberty under law under siege via too many laws, too many arrests?

7. Stop sign violations when no one, including the police, comes to zero velocity?

8. Prohibition on alcohol was a failure, justify drug enforcement when statistics show the opposite?

9. Your position on gun control?

10. Is jail time the ultimate deterrent?

11. All parties, right or wrong, be treated with dignity?

12. Release medical records: weight to height to age; exercise program; diet, including alcohol?

13. Justify the position to cost out at $200,000/year?

14. Willing to give to charities when average income is $23,147 in the county, poverty 12 percent or 3626 people?

To serve or not to serve?

Always a choice,

John Erickson

Citizen Advocate