Gun control

Dear editor:

I am writing this in response to Dale E. Buonocore’s letter to the editor about gun safety. You have an insight that most people don’t have, you ask the people, like myself, who appreciate guns, What do we do about this.

My answer to this is forget about the guns. They don’t have a mind of their own! They only do what the people that hold them tell them to do. That tells me don’t try and control the guns, educate the people. No person that is educated enough would even think about a mass shooting. That is the problem, not the guns, the people.

Growing up my father had more than enough guns. People used to come to our house to borrow guns to go hunting with. Someone taking one of my father’s guns to do any type of shooting like Newtown would have never happened. That was because my father new where every gun was at all times. Us kids would never have taken a gun out other than to go hunting or target practice. We were taught to respect firearms. We were also taught to respect people. That is a dying practice today, and I’m sorry to see that. To me, when you quit respecting people, you quit respecting yourself.

Let’s teach the world what our ancestors taught us. Guns can be healthy with the proper education, of people, not guns.

My opinion,

Wayne Surdyk