Our opinion: Snow unnecessary

While all of the natural “elements” weren’t present, all of the man-made ones were in abundance this past weekend at Chapman State Park.

The snow and the deep cold came a day late for the 2013 Winterfest, but that didn’t deter hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people from joining in the fun.

It was proof that everything doesn’t have to be perfect for Warren County to throw a good weekend party. Sure, the snow wasn’t there, except for some patches contrived to accomodate some sled-dog weight pulls, so sledding and tubing were out of the question.

There was plenty to do, and we haven’t heard anyone who attended grouse about a lack of activity.

The Polar Plunge is that annual event that challenges the hearty and the foolhardy to brave the frigid waters of Chapman Lake for as many minutes as they can stand to raise money for a number of worthy local charities, the Salvation Army prinicpal among them. You don’t have to have a blizzard for the Polar Plunge when volunteers cut through the ice pack to clear a patch of barely liquid water in which to frolic.

Winterfest takes a ton of planning and work, an effort begun months before the fateful weekend, and those planners and volunteers deserve our thanks.