Akeley farm outbuilding destroyed by fire

A fire destroyed a storage building early Monday morning in Russell.

Russell Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dave Schwanke said crews received the call at about 8:45 a.m. for a fire at 989 Akeley Rd. that was “pretty much fully involved on our arrival.”

Volunteer firefighters from Lander, North Warren and Kiantone and Frewsburg, N.Y., also responded.

Crews used a nearby stream and pumped water uphill to a fire truck at the site. “They were able to save the majority of the garage next to it,” Schwanke said. “They saved the contents. It did some damage, but is salvageable.”

The owner of the structure went to the hospital to treat a burned hand. The cause of the fire may have been a wood-burning stove inside the structure, Schwanke said.