Caring teachers

Dear editor:

I had the privelage of reviewing a movie tonite which really fired me up. This movie dealt with a group of teachers and parents who challenged the way their school was being run and won.

As a parent I myself took on our school and lost. I had a great lady named Kathy Rapp who did her best to help us. Unfortunately we had legal counsel that was a complete and utter pompous fool.

I was a parent who wanted the same thing most parents want for their children…to be healthy, happy and to aspire to be the best they can be.

Being a single mom of a strong-willed child was no walk in the park. He fought me and I fought to keep him in school. When he started skipping school as a teen I called the school personally every day to see that he was there; but rather than backing me up the assistant principal at the time just let it slide. This behavior went on until my son was sliding educationally. As if the assistant principal wasn’t lacking in his duties the head principal was worse.

I believe if my son had gone through his entire high school years with the assistant principal he’d had the year prior it would have been a success story. This man called my son on his errors, but demanded better without belittling him. This man took the time to call me at home on his own time to discuss issues my son was having in school. When my son graduated from his basic training with the Army National Guard this was the man that he went to another school to see because he had respect for the principal who wasn’t easy on him, but taught him with respect.

It’s too bad all the members of our system are not like Mr. Fitzsimmons; but bravo to those who are. There are some truly gifted, caring teachers & staff in our school system. I hope the parents reading this are blessed to have these people in their childrens lives. For those that don’t I pray you will meet with more success than I.


C.L. Venezia