I am the NRA

Dear editor,

I am a 70 year old, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. I have a daughter who teaches elementary school and a granddaughter who attends elementary school. I have never been charged with any crime.

I am also a life member of the NRA who is getting damn tired of the media, including the newspaper, portraying me as some sub-human criminal (as done on Jan 12) just because I fight for my rights to own the firearms of my choice. Along with millions of other law abiding citizens from all walks of life, including many of your friends and neighbors, I am what the liberals and media are calling the “Gun Lobby.”

We are not the problem with society and never have been, just as the firearm is not the problem. We are simply the politicians scapegoat for their inability or unwillingness to deal with drugs, gangs, and the mentally ill. History has proven that gun bans do not work because the people that you should fear ignore them just as they do all of the laws of the nation.

The NRA has a proud history of training our nations military, police officers, Olympic shooters, and teaching gun safety in the schools and elsewhere which the media ignores. Many of our members are current or former police officers and members of the military who were called hero’s before joining the NRA. We also defend fellow gun owners from those who use their first amendment rights to lie, mislead, exaggerate, and withhold information attempting to undermine the citizens sound amendment rights.

Do not question why an individual needs to own a particular type or number of firearms. If they are a law abiding citizen with no history of mental problems there is no legitimate reason to deny them that right under the constitution of this country.

I would urge any firearm owners who haven’t already done so to join the NRA and at least one other pro-firearm group and above all, be sure to register and VOTE. It is our best defense against those politicians who are using this tragedy in yet another attempt to undermine the constitution.

BTW–The inflammatory and totally inaccurate portrayal of the power of the .223 rifle also incorrectly called an assault rifle to further confuse people as shown in this paper on 12-31 and 1-12 does nothing but mislead the reader.

Thomas Bailey