Redevelopment board deals with 3 properties

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority examined three individual and a parcel of three distinct properties last week.

According to Warren County Planning Director Dan Glotz, the authority is moving forward with establishing conservatorship over the former Truver property at 10 Railroad St. in Clarendon, which currently belongs to Wanda Miller.

Miller had initially intended to put a clothing store at the site, but plans for the venture subsequently fell through.

The move will not give the authority ownership of the site, but will allow it to control disposition of the property.

Authority Solicitor Andrea Stapleford is working with a finance company to move forward with a plan for the disposition of the Emily Hecei property at 2393 E. Fifth Ave. in Glade Township.

The former Manelick properties at 119, 121 and 123 Front St. in Glade Township are gradually being cleaned up. According to Glotz, “Progress is being made.”

Disposition of Passinger property at 102 Cottage Pl. in Russell is also moving forward.

Glotz said Stapleford will be contacting the property owner to look into the possibility of purchase by an independent party.

“At one time,” Glotz said, “a third party was interested. So the attorney is looking into that.”