Dear editor:

In regards to Rep. Kathy Rapp co-sponsoring “right-to-work” bill. I am compelled to tell my story. I was not a union supporter. Several years ago I had my “dream” job. I loved my job and was blessed to work with wonderful employers and staff. Everything was going well. To make a long story short, a new hire coveted my “dream” job and had connections with management. She pushed her way into my department; and with backing from her management connections, she got transferred to my department with the intent of taking my job. I was forced into an unacceptable situation; so I went to a lawyer to see if I had any legal recourse.

To my consternation, the lawyer told me, in Pennsylvania, I had no rights to job security. He asked if I were in a union or civil service. As in most employment in Warren County, the company I worked for would not allow a union and took great steps to keep it out. I was told without a union or civil service, I could be fired at any time for any reason – even if my employer didn’t “like to color of my eyes”.

Well, I became a union supporter very quickly. Wake up Warren County! The only things that separate us from slavery are unions and our government.

We all know we cannot depend on government to protect us as government has sold out to rich corporations. The “money (rich)” want to keep unions out so they can get richer on the backs of us poor on the bottom of the social system.

We need unions and we must support them. We do not want to go back and lose all the benefits the unions have fought for. We will go back to long work weeks with no overtime pay, no benefits, no vacation.

Think about what we all owe to unions – every one of us! If we are to keep any quality of living, we must strengthen the unions – not disband and weaken them.

I repeat, unions are all that keep us from slavery!

Ira M. Garvis