Tax committee seeks dissolution

The Warren County Tax Collection Committee held its reorganizational meeting Wednesday afternoon,.

Voting delegates were introduced. Arden Knapp will serve as primary while Tia Drescher will serves as his alternate for the county municipalities; Donna Risinger will serve as primary while Jeanne Hukill will serve as her alternate for the City of Warren and James Grosch will serves as primary and Norbert Kennerknecht will serve as his alternate for the Warren County School District.

Knapp was elected committee chairman, Grosch was elected vice chairman, Risinger was elected treasurer and Drescher was elected secretary and open records officer for the committee.

Northwest Savings Bank was approved as bank depository with Knapp, Drescher and Risinger serving as account signatories.

Cynthia Klenowski was appointed solicitor. Knapp, Risinger and Drescher were appointed as tax appeal board members.

It was determined an accounting firm to handle annual auditing did not need to be appointed.

“We didn’t have to do it (an audit in 2012),” Drescher told the board. “I think we need to do one after 2013.”

“The way I understand it,” Knapp said, “we can have any accountant in the county do it. We can just hire someone to sit down and look at the books.”

“I don’t think we need to retain one,” Drescher agreed.

The committee did not appoint an insurance agent either, though it is bonded through Garrison Simonsen, Inc.

They did however agree to look into changing signatories on the bond to include Knapp as chairman.

The committee set quarterly meeting dates on the third Wednesday of each third month. The meetings will be held on April 17, June 19 and Oct. 16. The June meeting was moved up out of concerns over having budget work completed in time for a June 30 deadline.

Risinger reported the committee had received shared contribution money from municipalities since its November meeting totaling $547.27, resulting in a final bank balance of $7,153.95. Two more contributions are expected from the school district totaling $939.52. If the contributions are received, the committee expects total assets of $8,093.47.

No expenses were reported.